Top 5 Podcasts for New Architects

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These are some of our top picks for new architects to dive into now!

How to operate an architect business, start-up, and marketing are all covered in this list of podcasts for architects.

The Young Architect Podcast is all about discussing the future of Architecture with the leaders in the profession! Host, Michael Riscica decided to begin the Young Architect Podcast so that he could have and share conversations with architects of different backgrounds, careers, and experiences.

The Architecture Happy Hour is an informal and entertaining podcast started in 2009 hosted by hpd architecture + interiors principals, Laura Davis and Holly Hall. hpd architecture + interiors principals Laura Davis and Holly Hall share their thoughts and tips on architecture, from helping home owners select the right architect to never being too late to begin a career in architecture.

From award winning producer Roman Mars comes 99% Invisible Podcast. Design is everywhere in our lives, perhaps most importantly in the places where we've just stopped noticing. 99% Invisible is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture.

EntreArchitect hosted by architect Mark R. LePage, explores the business of architecture, firm leadership and the everyday life of an architect. From Gābl Media, EntreArchitect Podcast features weekly interviews with inspiring, passionate people who share their knowledge and expertise… all to help you build a better business as a small firm entrepreneur architect. Proven business strategies for architects, including financial management, profit, marketing, sales, productivity, and planning.

The Business of Architecture, hosted by Enoch Bartlett Sears, is a great place to discover strategies, tips and secrets for running a fun, flexible and profitable architecture practice. The focus here is simple: discussion of ways for architects to create a dream architecture practice: design what you want, when you want, and get paid for it.

Here is one of our favorite episodes for architects.

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