Top 5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Leadership Skills

Are you training? Feta. Randy Collins Construction Brothers

These are some of our top picks for valuable information on leadership.

Being an effective leader is absolutely necessary skill in

@LeadershipFreak "My dream is when people see me they think that guy made my life better." Inc Magazine Top 50 Leadership Expert. Top 100 Speaker.

This account always comes through with awesome quotes to remind you what your next move is as a leader.

@AdamMGrant Organizational psychologist

@Wharton. Books: THINK AGAIN, GIVE AND TAKE, ORIGINALS. Podcast: WorkLife @TEDTalks. Diver. Success is helping others succeed

@BusinessBrained Business | Books | Mindset Business Brained is always review the latest books in the field of leadership and coming out with some awesome quotes to keep you on track as a leader.

If you are looking to dive in deeper into leadership, these guys have great knowledge and can lead you in the right direction.

@jockowillink Leader; follower. Reader; writer. Speaker; listener. Student; teacher. #DisciplineEqualsFreedom#ExtremeOwnership

The author of Extreme Ownership, Jocko drives discipline & leading by example. This account is a must for a kick-in the butt

@simonsinek "inspire someone every single day." Simon is the king of TedTalks and one of our favorite experts on leadership & business.

There is an incredible amount of value from this top 5 Twitter account for us!

Here is one of our favorite episodes about team building & leadership.

Why is it important to plan your week out? Why are post-it notes important in the construction industry? What is fugacity? Ed Anderson joins us this week and brings the Lean approach to increasing an individual’s potential for being reliable in a way that increases communication, transparency, and consistency. He does this all with the power of the post-it note. To our amazement, Ed delivers all of this without touching a computer. So, grab a post-it note, find a place to listen, and get ready to get your socks knocked off!

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